Clear Aligners

Clear Aligners

Dental appliances have advanced through the years from the traditional braces to the much comfortable wears. The recent innovation in the field of dentistry has been the inception of clear aligners. 

Clear Aligners are clear, removable dental aligners that are used to straighten the alignment of the teeth. These aligners are manufactured to fit into the teeth that are in the shape of the teeth.

At our practice, we offer patients with Clear Aligners for those who would prefer them to braces as they are more comfortable to wear.

How does Clear Aligners work?

Clear Aligners works by rectifying the alignment of misaligned teeth. Patients are expected to have their aligners changed every two weeks based on the improvement of their treatment. Aligners can be customized to suit patient needs. Dentists will first capture graphical images of the teeth through diagnostic tools such as X-rays. The aligners are then engineered with the help of 3D technology into the shape of the teeth. Once they are ready in the labs, they will be inserted into the patient’s teeth.

Patients are advised to wear the aligners for every 20-22 hours in a day and have them changed in every two weeks.

What are the areas that will benefit from wearing Clear Aligners?

Crowded and crooked teeth are bound to destroy the beauty of the smile. The innovatory dental appliance is designed to curb all the major types of dental malocclusions.

Here are some the dental discrepancies that Clear Aligners will take care of:

  • Gaps: Unwanted gaps between the teeth can certainly bring a flaw to the smile. Clear Aligners will close the gaps between teeth that are far apart.
  • Crowding: Crowding is the result of teeth that are growing too close to each other. Crowded teeth will make it difficult to brush and floss leading to dental cavities.
  • Improper bite: An improper bite is the result of misaligned teeth. An improper bite can lead to overbite, underbite, and crossbite. Clear Aligners will ensure to correct the alignment of such teeth.

What are the advantages of wearing Clear Aligners?

The advantage of Clear Aligners is the reason why most patients sought to opt them for treatment. These comfortable aligners have proven to gracefully address the concerns of busy patients who would otherwise find it difficult to wear braces.

Here are some of the advantages why we recommend Clear Aligners:

  • These clear aligners by the name suggest that they are clear. The translucent nature of these aligners make them a better alternative to the conventional braces as they are less obvious to be seen. This would encourage patients to wear them with confidence and continue treatment without hesitation.
  • Clear Aligners are removable aligners. As they are removable it makes it easier to brush and floss. Also, patients need not sacrifice on their diet just because of the onset of treatment.
  • As these aligners are non-metallic they will be much more comfortable than the conventional metal braces. The smooth texture of Clear Aligners will not cause inflammation and pain around the tissues of the mouth as well.
  • Wearing Clear Aligners will not be painful.
  • Patients need only visit their dentists only once in two weeks.

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