Braces are orthodontic dental appliances that are designed to treat dental malocclusions and teeth alignment issues. Improperly aligned teeth can cause bite issues, gaps between the teeth, and issues like overcrowding. Braces allow patients to gradually change the alignment of their teeth and improve their smiles. The duration of the orthodontic treatment will depend on the severity of the patient’s case.

Why Choose Braces?

The purpose of wearing braces is to straighten improperly aligned teeth, eliminate bite issues, and improve the smile’s overall appearance. Braces treatment, with routine checkups and follow-ups, will accurately bring the misaligned teeth into their proper positions. At our practice, we offer patients different types of braces, including: 

  • Metal Braces
  • Self-ligating braces
  • Ceramic braces

What Do Braces Look Like and How Do They Work?

This orthodontic dental appliance consists of brackets, wires, and elastic bands. The treatment begins with a dental cleaning and then the brackets are attached to each tooth with the help of dental adhesives. The wires are bonded to these brackets and the elastic bands are used to move the teeth in position. As you move your jaw, these elastic bands will apply soft force to the teeth that will gradually bring them into their correct positions. 

What Kind of Food Can You Eat When Wearing Braces?

During your orthodontic treatment, you may have to sacrifice on certain types of food for a short period of time. Dentists recommend maintaining a soft diet while wearing these appliances and avoiding foods that are hard to bite into or chew. The reason is to ensure that your appliances don’t break and perform better in terms of treatment.

How to Maintain Oral Hygiene When Wearing Braces?

It is vital to maintain your oral hygiene while wearing braces. We recommend you follow these tips to ensure that you keep your teeth clean while undergoing orthodontic treatment:

  • Brush your teeth with the help of orthodontic toothbrushes and fluoride toothpaste and floss them regularly. A soft toothbrush will allow you to scrape away the food stuck between the teeth and the braces without the fear of harming them.
  • Follow the dentist’s tips on how to brush your teeth thoroughly and how to place your brush while cleaning them.
  • Rinsing your teeth after each meal if you cannot brush is important to ensure that no particles are stuck in the dental appliance.

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