Abrasion Fillings

Abrasion Fillings

With abrasion technology, we can use drill-less fillings to correct tooth decay without the need for needles. Using this procedure, we offer patients a comfortable and quick experience.

What Are Fillings?

Dentists use fillings to restore teeth when patients have natural teeth that have been affected by decay. Tooth decay is the result of cavities or plaque accumulation. Once the tooth has been damaged, it must be restored, or else it will have to be extracted and replaced with an artificial tooth. 

Before applying the fillings, the decayed part of the tooth is removed. This was typically performed using a drill. However, drilling is noisy and time-consuming. With recent advancements in science and technology, this procedure has become simpler.

What Are Abrasion Fillings?

Before, dental cavities were removed with the help of drilling tools. Advancements in the field of dentistry have made this procedure much easier and simpler. An innovative micro-dentistry technique known as abrasion is now used to remove decay and prepare the tooth for dental restoration.

Abrasion is more or less like sandblasting. A stream of abrasive material is propelled and streamed onto the decayed surface. The treated area is then covered with a dental filling. 

What Does the Procedure Entail?

First, the decayed teeth will be identified and isolated from the others. With special care, a stream of compressed air will be sprayed onto the decayed parts of the teeth. The particles that are sprayed include aluminum oxide and silica. Abrasion technology is less noisy, more comfortable, non-irritating, and simpler.

This procedure does not typically require anesthesia and the dentist will be able to remove the decay from more than one tooth in one sitting. 

Why Choose Abrasion Fillings?

Abrasion fillings are more comfortable than traditional fillings and offer numerous other advantages, such as:

  • Air abrasion is heatless and produces no noise
  • The procedure does not require anesthesia 
  • Abrasion does not harm the healthy gum tissues 
  • The procedure is less time-consuming
  • Dentists can easily remove cavities from more than one tooth in one sitting
  • Abrasion is overall a less messy procedure

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